School Directory

Smart Directory

Great news! Kennedy Elementary School is using Fourleaf to publish an online directory. 
 Parents are able to utilize the directory to share birthday party invitations, plan play dates, etc.  You can search by names, contact info, or navigate directly to a class. One of the great features of Fourleaf is the ability for parents to update their information and adjust individual privacy settings at any time. 

If you had an active account last year, you will not need to create a new one
(if you have additional kids attending Kennedy this year you will need to submit a request to get them added to the directory).

Please make sure your information is always updated in our school/district student information system (Infinite Campus) by contacting the school or district office.

Please complete the following steps to join the online directory.


  1. IMPORTANT: Please submit only ONE form per family. Include all relevant family members for this school - include all students attending this school and any adults who wish to be associated with these students in the directory.


  2. Follow this link to add your information to the directory.


  3. After entering your information, you will be prompted to adjust your privacy settings.


  4. At this point, you are pending registration. You will not have search or view access to the directory until your registration has been approved by the school (this is to ensure that access to the directory is restricted to only our school community).

 What’s next?

  1. Activate your Account. Any adult you entered in your registration will receive an activation message from Fourleaf ( with a link to activate his/her account and create a password.
  2. Update/View YOUR information. At this point you can log in and verify/update your information. Until your registration is approved - you will not be able to search or view the entire directory.
  3. Get access to the directory:  The school’s directory administrator will review and approve your registration. Once completed, you will have access to search and view our school directory.  

IMPORTANT: The Kennedy Student Directory is for use by Kennedy families, teachers and staff for non-commercial purposes only - it is not available to the general public so please do not share your password. Fourleaf will NOT sell your information or connect with ad networks.

Participation is OPTIONAL, however, this is a way for families to have information for party invitations, play dates, etc.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How can I change my contact information or privacy settings?

Once you login, click on your avatar (or photo) on the top right of the screen to reveal several account options. Select “Profile”. You can update or add to your contact information in this view. Select “Notification and Privacy Settings" to change your privacy settings. Un-check the boxes next to the fields you do NOT want to share in the directory and check the boxes next to the fields you do wish to include in the directory.

2. Is an App available?

Fourleaf is available in the Apple App Store.

Fourleaf is coming soon to the Google Play Store. Until then, bookmark Fourleaf to your home screen for easy mobile access.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to "" with your mobile browser
  2. Bookmark the page to your home screen:
    • Android: The steps depend on your Android browser, in Google Chrome: Tap the button that looks like three vertical dots in the top right. Tap the star in the top right, and then change the 'In' setting to 'Desktop bookmarks", tap OK, and then Save.

3. Add another family member

If you already have access to the directory but need to add an additional child to the directory or you would like Fourleaf access for an additional adult in your family, contact Kennedy at 651-480-7220.

4. Who can access my data?

You will be able to see and edit your own information as well as that of your child(ren). Other GUARDIANs of your child(ren) specified as your child(ren)’s relations, will be able to see and edit your child(ren)’s information as well as their own, but not yours. Your privacy settings determine what other parents, staff, and volunteers will be able to see when they view the directory; you can adjust your privacy settings at anytime.

If a STAFF member or key VOLUNTEER is assigned to your specific child(ren)’s class(es) (e.g. the teacher or room parent), that person will additionally be able to see your name, email, phone number and relation to student, to better enable communication of important information to you. Designated administrators will be able to access/edit your and your child(ren)'s information to better respond to support requests.

5. If I update Fourleaf is the school officially updated?

No, changing your email address and other information in Fourleaf does not directly change your information in other school systems. Please call the office to update any information (651-480-7220).

Don't see your answer above? Visit Fourleaf Support