Additional Student Opportunities

Carpenter Nature Center:
Students in grades K-4 enjoy the setting and offerings of Carpenter Nature Center each year. Our relationship with Carpenter Nature Center has allowed the students to explore the wonder of science and the environment. A specific curriculum has been established so each grade level has a course of study.

Extended Day/Extended Year Programs:
Extended year is the District Summer School Program which runs for three weeks in July. Extended day programs are offered to eligible students before or after school, students experience a hands-on, activity based program which challenges them to learn new concepts while reinforcing the basis skills necessary for success.


High Potential:
Hastings Elementary Schools have a high potential program which involves students in grade 4. Identified students are clustered in one or two classrooms per grade level. The Director of Teaching and Learning will assist classroom teachers in planning for this population.

The music program is enhanced by the following opportunities:

Grades K-3:

  • parents are invited to an informance during their music class

Grade 4:

  • Music program presented to family members each year in the spring
  • Intermediate students learn to play the recorder